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Inner Child work for childhood trauma

By February 17, 2021February 28th, 2021No Comments
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Inner Child work for childhood trauma

Inner Child work is a form of self, personal, individual therapy which means that you are going to be doing repeated practices that interface directly with the heart of the therapy content. Through using tools gained during the online one-to-one workshop, you can build on the trust relationship that will lead you into insight and resolution of energetic echos and tenancies to drift into repeated non-serving behaviours.

So why does this happen to us?

Why do we choose to do things that an aspect of our psyche directly disagrees with?

This is the division of the wounded Inner Child and the inner parent/adult who is navigating life on the outside. Simply put, our child developed indirect strategies to receive basic needs that are essential during childhood. We are now trapped in a familiar pattern, returning over and over to the behaviour that somehow chemically satisfied our craving for these basic needs.

The Inner Child workshop opens up a conversation in order to understand and to rectify these sometimes subtle controls for self-preservation which are disrupting our adult life.

Speak to a practitioner about your traumas and move into a new space on new terms with a renewed relationship with your Inner Child.

What is the Inner Child?

Inner Child work is a tangible and adaptive therapy technique that can be explained quite simply and continually developed by oneself following completion of the workshop.

Often we carry wounds and trauma from birth and childhood with us into adulthood and these wounds play out in habit patterns, behaviours, beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve us, trapping us in repeated loops and life lessons that we continually deny ourselves the ability to be free from. Our Inner Child is intuition, creativity, spontaneity, play, loving acceptance of ourselves and all beings; our pure essence within.

Re-establishing a connection with our inner child takes time, dedication, patience and this workshop provides the tools to be able to make contact with your inner child, initiate a relationship with them and learn the re-parenting techniques to be able to nurture and build a trust relationship, cultivating a life practice in self healing.

Inner child work is a powerful integration tool which compliments plants diets, work with the Master Plants Ayahuasca and San Pedro (Wachuma) Cactus; it is universal, compatible with all daily practices, enhancing healing potential without restriction or limitation. Participants from our workshops have mentioned additional insights from their current practices, expansive life improvements and profound healing towards wholeness.