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The Inner Council Workshop Series - Module 1

Inner Child Workshop

The Inner Child, or the Primary Archetype is the purest and truest essence of our being. As guide and mentor, our Inner Child can show us around the deep chasms of our unconscious into the deepest areas of the collective ancestral soul. When we establish a true trust relationship with our Inner Child they can direct us towards our optimum physical and mental well-being. When we are ready, our Inner Child will take us further to explore the symbols and archetypes of the collective unconscious to develop meaning and value through our instinctual faculties.

The Inner Child workshop is where you learn the tools to begin your internal adventures, we will establish the first connection with the Inner Child and begin to demonstrate techniques in developing a trusting and fun relationship. We guide you into shamanic and regressional meditations for you to find clues and begin to integrate the relationship. We offer many tools along the journey and develop our Inner Child into a powerful soul explorer.

With attention and dedication our Inner Child can integrate past traumas, bringing us out of unwanted behaviour patterns. We can identify energetic blockages, often the cause of low-energy, illness and disease. Working towards the wholeness of our authentic self, all aspects of life can be transformed with a wholesome practice of this transformative personal developmental therapy.

The Workshop

The private, one-to-one workshop consists of around 6 hours instruction, divided into 3 separate sessions and includes a consultation session around a week after completion of the workshop to assess your progress. The workshop gives you all the tools you need to begin exploring the world of your Inner Child and all that they have to show you. We ask that you share as much as you can of your personal journey with your practitioner in order for them to guide you best during these sessions.

All workshops are carefully tailored to the individual, however, documentation and explanation of the following is included in the Inner Child Workshop:

  • Background and orientation of Inner Child theory
    • What is the inner child?
    • How the wounded inner child manifests in your adult life
    • Why it is so important to integrate the inner child with the adult self
    • Ways to heal and integrate the inner child (tools, interventions and guided processes)
    • What is inner child work?
  • The subtle energetic body and its relationship to:-
    • Trauma
    • Fear
    • Pain
    • Conditioned behaviour
  • Primary developmental stages of human development
  • Investigation of interactions at each developmental stage
  • Needs of the child and compromised needs of the participant
  • Birth meditation to converse and access attitudes of life terms
  • Tools to work with the Inner Child
  • How to create new tools and re-engineer current ones
  • How to manage meditation spaces for regression and imagination work
  • How to incorporate Inner Child work within your everyday life and personal routine
  • Introduction of the re-parenting technique
  • Understanding of archetypes and the forms of the deep unconscious
  • How to proceed confidently on your own through personal guidance from your practitioner
  • Appendixes on:-
    • States of the Inner Child
    • Self re-parenting considerations
    • Co-dependence
    • Reigniting our passion
    • Potential blocks to learning about yourself
    • Identifying triggers

Inner Child healing

Inner Child work is a personal developmental therapy tool where you can realise an inner subjective narrative, or story that will enable you to resolve, integrate, align your mind, body and spirit towards wholeness. The founders of psychoanalysis explained that this personal narrative, when retrieved from the perspective of the child, contained all we needed to understand in order to better know ourselves, our true inner nature and to cure or integrate unresolved aspects of our childhood experience.

The Inner Child is part of our internal being and provides an instrument for self-understanding, working with our primary developmental stages to bring energetic patterns into awareness. This regression technique and the important aspects of early psychological development are recognised across many disciplines; modern day psychology, psychotherapy and traditional spiritual practices, such as those in Buddhism and traditional Andean shamanism.

Often we carry wounds and trauma from birth and childhood with us into adulthood and these wounds play out in habit patterns, behaviours, beliefs and thoughts that may no longer serve us, trapping us in repeated loops and life lessons that we continually deny ourselves the ability to be free from. Inner Child work aims at discharging the energetic inertia of repeated early traumas.

Re-establishing a connection with our inner child takes time, dedication, patience and the workshop provides the tools to be able to make contact with your inner child, initiate a relationship with them and learn the self re-parenting techniques to be able to nurture and build a trust relationship, cultivating a life practice in self healing. Inner child work is a powerful integration tool that is universal, compatible with all daily practices, enhancing healing potential without restriction or limitation. Participants from these workshops have mentioned additional insights from their current practices, expansive life improvements and profound healing towards wholeness.

The Inner Council’s Inner Child workshop

Where The Inner Council Inner Child workshop may differ from other Inner Child workshops, is in several aspects. The first is that our workshop is much more aligned to perennial personal spiritual practices outside that of specific belief structures. The second is that our program is not specifically modelled around typical traumas, although it does cover them. Our participants do not need to have come from a broken family background. A third aspect is that it is embedded in a much larger journey for our participants, where not only are they opening a door to the primary archetype, but are stepping into a mythical soul journey which leads to the awakening of many other archetypal figures, and revival of ancestral narratives. It is not only for reforming dramatic traumas from childhood, but also opening deep spiritual meaning. Serious spiritual tools, such as shamanic techniques, are given in order to identify soul purpose and self-actualisation. The Inner Council space that we open up on the second module provides a platform where any ancestral archetype can step forth. We do not seek out specific characters, they approach us and we listen, learn and integrate.

Inner Child Workshops, UK

Prices & Booking

The price for a personal workshop (around 7 hours of one-to-one online sessions) is gb£390 / $500 / €450 / *



How do we know our Inner Child exists?

Before beginning a workshop, many people could be excused for wondering if an Inner Child actually exists, and what the experience might be like. How do I know my inner child exists?, What if she’s not real, or won’t show up?, It works for others, but maybe mine’s not real, or won’t work for me.

In the beginning it can sound strange, feel awkward or just plain odd to think that there’s a part of us inside that we’ve disconnected from, or totally ignored, an abandoned part of ourselves sitting somewhere in the dark waiting for someone to come and play with them. We’ll be the first to say, absolutely, be skeptical, check it out for yourself! The truth is, that we’ve never worked with anyone who hasn’t been greeted by their Inner Child when we’ve made the necessary preparations during the workshop.

Carl Jung described the child archetype as a symbol of wholeness, often representing authentic connection to the divine or the essence of the real self. Often when turning to personal work we find inspiration in these original statements of ourselves.

Some qualities of these original qualities include:

  • honesty and genuineness
  • sweetness and generosity, a loving heart
  • innocence and “beginner’s mind”
  • openness and trust
  • imagination and intuitive knowing
  • curiosity
  • wonder, awe, and an attitude of play
  • spontaneity and the natural behaviours we enjoy in young children
  • vitality and aliveness

The Inner Child is real; she holds the key to healing trauma, releasing pain, suffering, emotions, behavioural patterns that, even though many are unconscious, we witness them repeatedly playing out in our life. The Inner Child acts out, plays up when she is out of balance and harmony, needing her needs met, which show up in our lives as emotional reactions and behavioural responses that come from a place of wounding, rather than empowered choice.

What does this look like?

By forming a relationship, together, one can both be liberated from these elements that no longer serve you in your life. Self awareness reveals the depth to which we are able to identify and recognise our responses and reactions. The inner child is also quite the chameleon. An expert in disguise, hiding and holding onto emotional pain and trauma and learned behaviours. Of course! How else was she able to survive?

The biggest gift we can give ourselves is self empowerment; to heal the wounds of our inner child, through conscious re-parenting.

Now we know that our inner child is there, waiting for us to connect and provide her with what she needs, the rest will unfold and flow. It does require action on your part; an open, willing heart and trust that you are the best person to take care of her.

Audio Meditations

Inner Child Adventure Meditations

In each session of the workshops participants are guided with meditations in preparation for working with the Inner Child. Recorded audio meditations are also provided following the workshop to allow participants to have a continued guided experience for regressions and imaginal meditations. Additional meditations can be given upon request for specific work. Please ask your practitioner.

Workshop Portal

Each participant has access to an online portal to access all of the materials used in the workshop, with many additional tools. Journal entries can be recorded for discussion with your practitioner.

Inner Council Community Forum

We offer a community forum to all those who have completed the Inner Child workshop. The forum is a place for sharing your thoughts, progress and discovered tools, while considering the insights of others’ progress.

Using meditation as a general tool for self-introspection for many years, the inner child workshop added a useful and valuable technique towards my practice. Information was clearly provided and the guided meditation from the workshop is still serving me as an entrance for deep and direct communication with my inner child. By being able to create a space (inside of me) to connect, I can consciously resolve tension and support the healing process we started during the workshop.

David – Germany

My father struggled with alcoholism my entire life, so many of my childhood memories were tarnished with pain, confusion and dysfunction. I was very resistant to inner child work for quite some time due to the potential of re-living very painful life experiences. However, throughout my process of personal healing and growth, it became very present that healing and connecting with the inner child within was imperative to my overall well-being and health.

Stacie Barber – United States

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*These prices are a guide for practitioners, please contact your practitioner for their prices.