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Inner Child work as preparation for Ayahuasca ceremonies

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Why Inner Child work is used to prepare for Ayahuasca ceremonies

We are settling down for another ceremony with our Shipibo shaman and the 3 participants for tonight’s ceremony are all new to the medicine and also the shamanic ritual which utilises the sacred medicine ayahuasca. All are working on positive thoughts, as the power of intention has been implied since they first contacted the retreat center and through all of their personal preparation.

In the afternoon before we drink, all participants come to a one-to-one sharing to discuss their reasons for attending the ceremony, to ask questions and to home in on the all important intention that they will share with the shaman before the ceremony. I’ve never told anyone about this in my life before is a statement that isn’t unfamiliar. Our minds tend towards our deepest doubts and insecurities as we prepare for a deep subjective life review which may very well not be under our control.

The Andean shaman asks about childhood incidents, and asks one of the participants to gently skim over their childhood to raise an opportunity for integration and 20 minutes later the participant begins to cry and to tremor. The crying turns into laughter and the participant shouts aloud, thank you, thank you.

One of the repeated intentions that I have heard from participants is the want to integrate and clear the past to make the present light and clear for the mind. To do this work now with strong dedication and not leave this baggage until death.

The shaman explains that integration is required before we can ascend into the realm of knowing that the sacred medicine can reveal. As in death, he explains, our doubts will expose us and form the monsters that lay before us.

Introducing the Inner Child

The Inner Child is often sitting dormant, awaiting introspective attention, the ability to be recalled to service for the adventure that awaits. ‘There were some rough parts of my childhood’ a participant shares, ‘I’m not sure it’s going to be nice to go back there’. This type of sentiment is common, and shows the trepidation in stepping up to the task of doing ‘all that it takes’ to integrate and resolve our fears to get the rewards that are waiting for us on the other side.

How the Inner Child shows up in our lives

The Inner Child is real; she holds the key to healing trauma, releasing pain, suffering, emotions, behavioural patterns that, even though many are unconscious, we witness them repeatedly playing out in our life. The Inner Child acts out, plays up when she is out of balance and harmony, needing her needs met, which show up in our lives as emotional reactions and behavioural responses that come from a place of wounding, rather than empowered choice.
What does this look like?

By forming a relationship, together, you can both be liberated from these elements that no longer serve you in your life. Self awareness reveals the depth to which we are able to identify and recognise our responses and reactions.

The inner child is also quite the chameleon. An expert in disguise, hiding and holding onto emotional pain and trauma and learned behaviours. Of course! How else was she able to survive?

The biggest gift we can give ourselves is self empowerment; to heal the wounds of our inner child, through conscious reparenting.

Now we know that our inner child is there, waiting for us to connect and provide her with what she needs, the rest will unfold and flow. It does require action on your part; an open, willing heart and trust that you are the best person to take care of her.

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