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The Inner Council - Philosophy

We aim to support a humble approach to the human predicament. Vulnerable and cautious in our approach as we simply cannot define or put edges on the collective imagination. Where does this leave us in explaining what we do?

As a framework we support the creative ability of our participants and offer tools and guidance for individuals to point the light in the right direction and to honour the integrity which is required to put one foot in front of the other and to give ourselves a chance—a fresh beginning—a deep lungful of something brimming with possibility.

The metaphysical constructs and psychological framework used in our Inner Child work are primarily Jungian, which themselves follow ideas of hermetic lineage, philosophically and alchemically. The Inner Council has been committed to developing our practices within these guidelines. We believe that Jung was interpreting a natural background process of the psyche and that even though we can understand primarily through the comprehensive literature of his legacy, psychic transformation requires a pioneering attitude in understanding and a development of tools which allow each individual to navigate their unique path of personal content and interpretation. We aim to allow most of the content to be recognised directly by the participant through experience-based best practices. We lean into the subjective field and learn to generate a tangible feedback system with intuition. This takes a trust relationship with ourselves and a continued commitment to follow through with information that is received. The psychological developmental maps and models of Ken Wilbur’s integral theory have also been considered.

We operate from a non-judgemental acceptance, that which we have learnt from humble relationships with plant medicines. Deep therapy requires sacred space holding, a platform that allows both parties to open to receive and to feel vulnerable and safe. Past actions are considered as tools to work towards healing and we hold to the paradigm of Gabor Maté, that behavioural challenges such as addiction are not hereditary or a definitive aspect of one’s character but can be understood and resolved.

In the same tone, aspects such as personal suffering, fear and pain are not regarded as misunderstood, unwanted and derogatory aspects of human experience but as tangible and necessary devices of protection and guardianship that contribute to the fabric of our physical experience. Turning these aspects of experience into an essential tool-kit gives the individual an ability to enhance the instinctual feedback system which cares for each and every living being in our system.

Core values of the Inner Council

Evidence based work that consistently provides the tools to be able to integrate the work that you need to do.

Integrity – all practices, methods and techniques used by the Inner Council have been developed and used by the practitioners themselves on their own personal journeys of healing and transformation. This ensures individuals are empowered to follow and trust what’s needed for them.

Authenticity – Let your inner compass be your guide, trusting intuition to feel your way! Coming as you are, with an open heart and mind to allow authentic flow of the essence you truly are to be expressed.

Openness – the Inner Council welcomes all individuals who are interested, motivated and determined to pursue their path of healing and transformation regardless of where individuals might perceive themselves to be.

Transparency – all aspects of this work and information is shared with the participant at every stage. The journey of personal healing and transformation honours full disclosure as an integral part of each stage, revelation and breakthrough experienced during the workshops and programs.

Compatibility – the practice of the Inner Council works alongside any therapy based techniques or spiritual practices; it is universal, all encompassing. Inclusive for individuals who are looking for a rehabilitative and supported therapy, as well as those wanting to explore the profundity of their inner journey.

Efficiency – the methods adopted by the Inner Council ensure that participants remain on track in their integrative process. Practices and techniques are precise and potent, with collective practitioner experience shared to continuously improve and enhance participants journeys.

Supporting modalities

We have yet to come across a spiritual practice that is not compatible with the work here we do at the Inner Council. Where dedication and self-responsibility are the momentum behind the work that we do, additional practices that feed the intuition, alleviate external pressures or contribute towards spiritual integrity are welcomed and discussed within the Inner Council Communities. We have had participants very successfully develop Inner Council work alongside professional therapy sessions and those that are reducing antidepressant medicines in order to approach sacred plant medicine diets.