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Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program is to give support for Inner Child and Inner Council participants where an ongoing relationship is necessary for personal development. The terms to this open channel can be agreed between the participant and their practitioner however, the key areas which are considered are outlined on this page.

An agreed itinerary will be established through conversation with your practitioner who will guide the participant towards the Inner Council work. Documents are provided that will help you to investigate your own healing journey.

Optional elements included in the program may include.

  • Archetypal life experiences
  • Family tree and historic analysis
  • Integrating the father
  • Integrating the mother
  • Re-parenting considerations
  • Energy healing
  • Revising eating behaviours
  • Archetypal study
  • A series of guided meditations that open symbolic tools for archetypal work
  • Initial meetings of the Inner Council

A conscientious relationship between participant and practitioner is integral to the work. Paying attention, listening, being acknowledged can be a powerful part of nourishing the healing process. Sharing your experiences and progress elevates the tangibility of the process, bringing focus into your subjective work and a wholeness to the healing possibilities of our current state.

Bi-Weekly Check-ins

Usually between 60 and 90 minutes, check-ins are the core platform of the mentorship and provide time for the participant to share their experiences and challenges and for the practitioner to give support, share meditations and techniques and to review any activities to be carried out before the next session.

More tools and deeper connection

During mentoring sessions the practitioner will intuitively guide you through a deeper relationship with your inner child and into the realms of the personal unconscious. Here we work  with deep trauma, reconfigure thought patterns and meet the archetypes of the collective unconscious, advancing further into the Inner Council practices.

Direct communication

Participants shall have a direct contact with the practitioner who shall provide a response in the time-frame they believe is appropriate. Some topics can be reserved for the bi-weekly conversations, others may require a more immediate response. Voice messages may allow a participant to give a current and more lucid description of a recent experience.

Journal Reviews

On the portal page of the participant there is an area to post ongoing journal entries for review and comment by the practitioner. This is another dynamic of ongoing Inner Child work and where those who do not choose to keep a journal, can post questions or key aspects of their progress may be logged for feedback.

Shift & Transform

Our motivational platform with short Inner Child oriented videos of exercises to get the body moving. Featuring breathing, yoga, dance, meditation. Join us to make positive adjustments alongside re-parenting safe and exciting spaces for our Inner Child.

Group Zoom calls

Where convenient, group Zoom calls will be organised to allow several Inner Child participants to gather live and to share and listen to each other’s ongoing progress. Events such as meditations and Inner Child centered yoga will also be available where offered by our practitioners.


I think it is important to start from the beginning. It’s like a tree; we see the trunk and the crown, but we don’t often realise that it is the roots that need to be nurtured first, so the trunk and the crown can grow healthy.

The mentoring helps me acknowledge my inner child in everyday situations, and Amy’s approach is so grounding throughout those situations, which is exactly what I need. The workshop focuses on the inner child, but the mentoring also helps with the parenting side, which is also important. I think the main difference between the workshop and the mentoring experience is that workshop is about acknowledging the inner child within ourselves, and mentoring is the support whilst we work and connect with the inner child.

I feel like I am being heard and guided throughout my shadows. I am being encouraged to witness my past and understand what my inner child needed in those traumatic situations. It’s the first time I feel I can understand myself and focus on our (me and my inner child) needs, yet not feeling guilty anymore.

Nikola – UK – Mentoring

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