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All posts published here are presented as casual conversation pieces to provoke thought in some direction or another, they do not necessarily represent fixed opinions of the Inner Council, as our work exists beyond the spectrum of bound statement and singular clause.

Soul retrieval

Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in utter nakedness, But trailing clouds of glory do we come,
From God, who is our home: Heaven lies about us in our infancy!
Shades of the prison-house begin to close, Upon the growing Boy,
But he beholds the light, and whence it flows, He sees it in his joy;

Wordsworth reminds us that we are born from the love of god and the qualities of heaven surround us throughout our infancy. The divine light enfolds us both in the womb and in first contact with mother’s open hearted embrace. Steps along the path are not so certain as the child is subject to a journey through lower energies and, at times, shall lose all awareness of the powerful guiding force of light. Without supporting guidance a child can lose itself completely in the brambles of obstruction and in extreme cases the transcendent self cannot incarnate. The self can become so withdrawn that a child loses sight of the conscious awareness of its own existence. Through Inner Child work we seek to recover our divine inner being and bring online the familiar characteristics or our true self.

The journey with the Inner Child is a method of reflective focus. By shining an energy beam on past memories we not only step into the past, but bring the past into the present to live and breathe once again. Through this recall activity we contribute to our ongoing integration by collecting new clues, undiscovered the first time around, now clearly recognisable to our present perspective and level of awareness. This renewed insight re-solves aspects of our past that we couldn’t integrate on the first time of passing. In doing this work we may identify aspects of our true essence or childhood character that we left behind. The fractured remains of our authentic self which gave us a unique streak of confident zeal or jubilance approach us like old friends requesting reunion. We either enjoy the nostalgia and contemplation of past times, or we can re-integrate and bring them back with us to the present.

I recognise you, I miss you, I need you back here with me.

There are different methods of Soul Retrieval but they will, in their approach, sneak up upon lost traits in a very similar manner as we encounter them in Inner Child work. We reach out and fill a hole that’s left us with an energetic compromise, or a missing piece significant enough for our Inner Child to raise our attention to. The pieces we left behind when authenticity was traded for something attractive in the short term. We thought we were doing the right thing—maturing, developing, initiating to the higher echelons of society. Unaware of the unconscious merchant who was deceptively soul trading at the time.

Like explorers of antiquity we focus on the present to identify the reward, we do the work, we collect the clues and any other treasures that are on offer. Once our work is complete we fill these old, forgotten, dusty memory alcoves with divine gratitude and make peace with the past places we’ve once again visited. We are time travelling detectives, artifact collectors, cosmic diplomats.

Integrating the past requires a mature and graceful inquiry, like professionals we proceed, taking only what we need and leaving no trace as we recede. Like an Agatha Christie novel the suspense of the next chapter creeps upon us with an inkling. We play hide and seek with ourselves in unraveling the conundrums to reveal the realisations we came here to discover.


In the third session of our workshop, after we’ve discussed re-parenting and tracking emotional triggers, we begin a series of regressions. Regression sessions begin simple and formalised, but soon begin to model themselves around the participant’s own dynamic. The same concepts that must be observed in ritual and ceremony are also here in the shamanic space of active imagination. We must respect the thresholds of the subconscious if we want a deeper conversation, however, there are brownie points for self-ingenuity beyond the way-markers of mutuality, and grace goes a long way.

In the most basic form of regression we are reflecting on an energetic memory presented to us by our inner child with the idea of removing energetic imbalances, or complexes, within that memory. When a child receives a jab of energy from an adult, physically or psychologically, the child’s soul is being confronted with an authoritarian obstacle. In some cases an obstacle can have a contractual right to be so, but usually in regression an advantage is being taken. We use some basic tools within the regression to recover the inner child’s spirit and then to confront the opposing energy to counter shock the soul intruder. In some circumstances we can personally mediate to bring a more diplomatic resolution within a triangular dynamic, or bring in our guides.

The purpose of regression in this application is to retrieve an aspect of our authentic self by repairing the fracture of a past memory and therefore releasing any associated foreign energies. As a by-product of doing so we experience emotional stability. Freud highlighted the coincidence between the removal of symptoms and the reparation of memory and stated that ‘When one is reached, so is the other; and the same path leads to them both.’ In this win-win situation we initially wanted to solve an emotional imbalance and came away with an additional skip in our step as our child-essence is one step closer to resemblance.

Putting the pieces of the past back together become the pastime of a soul enthusiast and an integral part of the dedication that allows one to responsibly nurture the inner child relationship. Our goal with this practice is to embody our inner child’s presence permanently, but as the inner child explains, we have to close the doors first.

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