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Inner Child Practitioner Program

Welcome – Becoming an Inner Child Practitioner is an exciting and valuable journey and we’ll be happy to support you along the way. Our Inner Child Practitioner Program is part of an experiential process where practitioners demonstrate an ongoing trust relationship with the Inner Child. In order to provide workshops and mentoring modules to others, practitioners will first develop through the practices provided by the Inner Council.

Following this process, the Inner Child Practitioner Program provides the soft skills required to comfortably manage the relationship with participants, so that practitioners feel enthusiastic and enjoy their work. Upon completion you will receive all documentation and certification so that you can run workshops, provide mentoring, and bringing your own inner child wisdom into your practices.

Inner Council Practitioner

Becoming a certified Inner Child Practitioner involves a dedication to a continued connection and building upon the trust relationship with you and your inner child. Checking in on a daily basis, journaling and recording interactions with your inner child is fundamental to the process of your own personal development and supportive connection to your inner child. With this in mind you have the personal tools to build towards delivering workshops and supporting practitioners longer-term through mentorship programs. As a practitioner you will receive certification and be listed on our website, we shall direct workshop requests to you to begin your client portfolio and discuss ways in which we can continue to support you in your role.


Please take a look at our testimonials to get an idea of what to expect.

Is the Inner Child Practitioner Program for me?

Consult your heart, and inner child!

A profound part of the transformational process the Inner Child Workshop enables is a closer relationship to our intuition and inner landscape. If the workshop resonates with a part of you that can envisage this into a dedicated life practice you wish to pursue for yourself, and share with others, then absolutely this program is for you!

This program is great motivation to keep up the inner child practice, receive ongoing guidance and support during your journey, and provides clear opportunities for expanding your own practice into one you can share with others. An opportunity to share empowerment and powerful integration tools with others may compliment your already growing self holistic toolkit. Whether you are an existing practitioner, or someone who would like to venture deeper on their personal path.

Inner Child Training Practitioner Course

This program is so insightful and educational for anyone who wants to grow mentally and emotionally. It lays the foundation for healing and wholeness to loving oneself, then you will handle life’s challenges with a greater depth of understanding.

Janice Parks

Inner Child Practitioner 2024

The magic of one-to-one training

“I felt the one-on-one guidance was very effective and helpful in my growth and learning. Each individual is so different and having the individualized approach to learning is something not often found in many courses or programs, and that makes this program unique. I also felt the program was set up very effectively, with two intensive sessions to go through the material and skills necessary to acquire as a facilitator, and then the opportunity to apply the knowledge practically by actually running the workshop with a participant. This gave a very practical way to apply and measure the knowledge and skill that had been retained from the course. It also allowed me to receive feedback from both the participant and from my teacher regarding what I had done successfully and what I can still improve upon as I grow and step into the new role of Practitioner.

Chantelle Ferguson

Inner Child Practitioner 2024

Prerequisites for The Inner Council Practitioner Program

What do I commit to when I join the program?

  • Online and one-to-one study covering the following aspects
    • Participant evaluation & assessment
    • Holding space in the therapeutic environment
    • Explaining empathy and metaphor when guiding others
    • Managing trauma through trauma informed care
    • Understanding regression & guided meditation
    • Integrating others’ experiences into your own narrative
    • Archetypal theory & interpretation
  • Building a personal dedication to your own path and practice of what becoming an Inner Child Practitioner means for you
  • Learning and becoming familiar with the Inner Child Workshop material in readiness for delivering workshops (group and one-to-one)
  • Organising a workshop with a friend or family member in readiness for the practical part of the training program

How long can I expect the Program to last for?

The practitioner program is carried out over two one-to-one sessions (approx. 4 hours), however, the program is a smaller part of your ongoing commitment to Inner Child work and the clear practical demonstration of your own experiences throughout your personal journey that are shared with your practitioner.

Like with all holistic healing practices, there are no strict timelines with becoming a practitioner; the natural path can take anywhere between 3-6 months (following completion of the Inner Child workshop) for the connection to be nurtured and developed with your inner child and to feel what the mentorship program feels like as a participant. However, this will also depend on personal commitments, circumstances and integrating the practice into your life.

Part of your journey will be to trust; in yourself, intuition and your inner child to what is coming up and how comfortable and confident you are in sharing this practice, firstly with yourself and with others. Once a few instances of natural processing have occurred, an alignment will become apparent that you are ready to share with others, using your experience and intuition as your guide.

When the moment arrives, you will know!

Inner Child Certification

The Inner Council provides psychoanalytical training tools that allow participants to self-author their own healing development within a personal trust framework. Efficacy is based upon serious commitment towards the practices. Certification by the Inner Council is presented following recognition and articulation of authentic connections to these practices.

This certificate application is for all participants who have satisfied the requirements of The Inner Council: Inner Child Practitioners program with a recognised Inner Council practitioner. Upon completion of the program your practitioner will inform us of your entry and you are then free to register for the certification, allowing you to present the Inner Child workshop to those who come to you for your services. If you have any questions, please discuss them with your practitioner.

This certification also comes with the documents for delivering the workshop and understanding deeper about the aspects of developmental and depth psychology and a reading list that can help you to choose material that contributes towards your current skills and the ongoing requirements of providing support to others. The certificate includes the Inner Council – Declaration of Demonstration for Practitioner Certification.

Our declaration of demonstration is provided on the reverse of the Inner Child practitioner certificate stating the experiential aspects that have been recognised by the practitioner through active demonstration during mentorship.

You will also receive:

  • links to supporting guided meditations
  • access to our community forum and practitioners’ area
  • logo design pack and affiliate texts for you to use on your own website/social media/local campaigns
  • It is also possible to display your profile and bio on our website with details of your services

I'm Ready! What are the next steps?

Inquire to become a practitioner

Practitioner program

While you’re waiting for us to get back, feel free to get to know who we are, a little about our philosophy, or browse an article or two.

I realize from many cases I’ve dealt with in the past [as a psychologist], people find it difficult to talk about feelings, and therefore understand themselves, due to how language is organized. What I perceived from the experience of inner child work, is that it allows a deeper understanding of feelings, going beyond the need for rationality and confines of language. From this perspective, the workshop offers a great potential for working with clients in a therapy appropriate psychological setting.

Andriele – Paraná – Inner Child Workshop

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