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All posts published here are presented as casual conversation pieces to provoke thought in some direction or another, they do not necessarily represent fixed opinions of the Inner Council, as our work exists beyond the spectrum of bound statement and singular clause.

Love is the way home

The core intention in any sacred medicine work is to love oneself, it is the keystone that ties in any other intention that you surmise. What about trust? I hear you ask. I’m talking about true love here, the unconditional kind. What actually is unconditional love? Love without condition? Humans can die, so can animals, what’s unconditional in the physical realm?

We can set a short-term intention for our morning yoga or maybe a few for the new year, but when we step into the psychedelic realm we know that if we offer up our intentions like a greedy Christmas list to Santa—we are in for a nightmare before Christmas. We seem to get it at that moment… This is very important—so we must focus on the big picture, we want love.

I offer you a mental exercise. Think about what you want, and don’t sell yourself short. Every time that you become fixated on a probable answer, ask yourself if the setting is how you would have chosen it. Reinvent everything if necessary. Then probe again at your answer. Where are you living and what are you doing? Is that where you would live and what you would do if you were the creator of everything? What do you want? Are you sure?

So, now you should be enclosed and enraptured in your ideal metaphysics. You’ve done away with the old and reinvented the ideals that you would like to follow and where you would like to spend time. How much time do you want to spend here? 100 years, 1000? What about when that comes to an end? What will you want then? Keep probing. The eternity in the moment is the omni-perspective where total love can be found. It’s here now, and it’s over there and it was back there somewhere too.

Do you see how we sell ourselves short because when we follow the thread we end up where we began, and one is the loneliest number.

Let’s add some context. You can divide consciousness to recreate your creation story, and you can choose to do one of two things with the bits that you didn’t enjoy from before. You can ignore them entirely and keep an eye on things so that they don’t manifest—potentially tripping on your own suspicion—or you can write a story that will be told through the ages, stylised in the most caricature forms. Great epic tales of woe and tragedy that the people can introspect and chew the fat upon. Hang on, isn’t this what the Greek were doing 2500 years ago—after 1000 years of weekly sacred psychedelics by Pythagorean mystic communities at Eleusis? Ah, OK, so we’re here again.

The Greeks used to pay the people to attend the great tragedies. These events were moral lessons presented to the people of the time, who understood the impact of the drama. Today we find it very difficult to interpret the mythologies of Ancient Greece. Someone killed their father to bed their own mum out of jealousy. Is that really entertainment? Or is it a collective warning, giving insights into the deviance of the mind during a bad week for mental volition?

The division of consciousness is an art form that we are still experimenting with. We trial over and over how to divide and maintain the essence of pure innocence. It’s why we divide in the first place. Frolicking in the hills, playing the game of personas, enjoying the drama. We can at any time put our hands up and call time-out. Or even to follow the golden thread to higher-ground. Terrence Mckenna said that one of these hills to higher-ground is called Psilocybin, another one is called Ayahuasca.

This higher ground breaks through the partial perspective of our human equipment and gives us an all-round view. The bigger picture. The higher we go, the more impact the experience has on our return journey. Worried anymore about your relationship problems? Scared of dying? That’s all now under your control. A shift happens. A sudden epiphany that this whole reality is a game that you set up for yourself. How’s that going by the way?

I’m going to reveal a secret here. Do what you wish with it, but just know that I would have been killed in Ancient Greece for revealing such delicacies into the public domain. Come closer and I’ll whisper in your ear… that eternal love that you’re searching for. It’s the homecoming gift and you’ll receive it when you return. If it was ever possible to attain permanently in the fragmented mindspace of an animal, you may forget your way back home.

If you need a break, if you need time to breathe, if you’re putting your hand up and calling time out. Look for higher ground. The highest ground that I would recommend is bufo which contains 5-MEO-DMT. One inhale and you’ll summit before you breathe out. Free-falling back into your fragment. On the way you will discover god, become the elements of nature, dance with the orchestra of life, know why everything is as it is. Then bang, you’re you. Again. But this time you know how to take care of yourself.

Love is not something that you can fulfill physically, it is an attitude of your predicament in the universe. A byproduct of grounded experience that puts the compass in your hand. The compass promises the way home.

Don’t worry, we’re nearly there.

I am on a bridge
Ahead, eternity
To navigate, only poetry