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All posts published here are presented as casual conversation pieces to provoke thought in some direction or another, they do not necessarily represent fixed opinions of the Inner Council, as our work exists beyond the spectrum of bound statement and singular clause.

Inner Child Meditations

Throughout summer, the light and playful energies provoked a short series of adventure meditations to bring adventure into your Inner Child relationship. Each of these meditations present many forms in which to interact with your Inner Child, giving new ways of interacting and communicating with your Inner Child. The rich archetypal setting gives the Inner Child a way to explain things about yourself in a more symbolic way, unfolding mysteries from your childhood and bringing value into the relationship through fun exchanges.
If you find that any of the meditations are quickly paced, you can always pause them as you are in the meditation or know that you can return to each meditation over and over. Sometimes you will have more insight, other times you may be sleepy and the experience can seem more etheric and dreamlike. It is recommended to write down or record any specific points that arise from the meditations, such as items presented by your Inner Child or information that was suggested during the adventure.
Please feed back any information that you believe is relevant to your practitioner as they help you to interpret the journey with your Inner Child. Please feel free to share any experiences here.

Inner Child Adventure Meditations

Inner Child Guided Meditation

We usually instruct Inner Child work as a balance between adventure and play and regression work. This approach often gives a balance to the trust relationship with the Inner Child as mutual and considerate. Although these aspects can be done outside of meditation, the calming mind-states that are accessible in a relaxed mediation often give a greater capacity to the imaginal space. Within this imaginal space is the wiggle room that expands the Inner Child’s playground and reach. We are stepping into their world of magic susceptibility, unquestioning, light and enjoyable. To begin with, guided meditations can give you a range of tools or ideas in order to continue to create your own imaginal worlds and spaces that you can visit regularly with your Inner Child.

Please contact us to find an Inner Child Workshop practitioner near you who can guide you through online sessions. Your practitioner can also provide ongoing mentor-ship at very reasonable prices for those who would benefit from having someone to be there along their journey into the subconscious.

Visit our workshop page for more information or visit our contact page to inquire.