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Reiki – A supportive tool for Inner Child Work

By March 2, 2021June 23rd, 2021No Comments

Reiki: A supportive tool for Inner Child Work

I was invited to a Reiki 1 Workshop not long after completing the Inner Child Workshop and so the two modalities of healing have woven together in a complementary manner along my personal journey. Similar to the reconnection with my Inner Child, my introduction to Reiki was natural and earnest in its intention. I immediately appreciated the simplicity and practicality of the technique. The intuitive aspect that was to nurture and grow into a self healing practice was both supportive and stood within its own sphere in relation to a flourishing spiritual practice.

Reiki is a practice; akin to Inner Child Work. Tapping into the sensory, subjective realm of trusting intuition was a process to embrace; stepping out of the mind and into the body. With practice, to embody. Creating a quiet, meditative space, it taught me that intention is everything; Reiki cannot be done wrong. However, intention is key. This was a revelation after acknowledging years of conditioning where I learned that things were either ‘right’ or ‘wrong’; often dreading to make a mistake. When I was informed that Reiki had no such judgment, condition or expectation, it felt freeing and expansive. This requires a new layer of trust to form, which is why I respect it as a practice, like any other, to cultivate over time and trust in the true experience I am continually receiving. One of love, light and purity.

Reiki alongside Inner Child work

Requiring an open mind and heart, in order for trust to build, I began to see the parallel perspective to Inner Child work. The ways in which a connection can be experienced was also multispectrum; through colours, sound, images and touch. My inner child’s curiosity and enjoyment of the practice grew. For her it was as natural as child’s play; encompassing an innocence of her receptivity and deepening connection to energy work without putting words to it. In fact, without words seemed more profound, as the focus on the task became one of trust and presence. Listening, responding, focused attention and intention were elements that lay the foundations into the practice. Stepping aside from myself, I witnessed that I became the channel, which cultivated a humbleness I consciously continue to nurture.

When my mentor mentioned that I could pass Reiki to my inner child I was amazed and intrigued. I checked in with her to ask and she just grinned expectantly to deliver the answer I already knew before my brain could catch up; yes! This deepened my relationship with my inner child, as she was now part of my healing practice and involved as a main character also in our story. We became a team and nurtured our bond as a result. It supports the practice of Self love, care, compassion and gratitude; considerations that underpin Inner Child work.

Reiki has strengthened my own self trust, encouraged and supported me to venture deeper into introspective, intuitive, empowering self cultivating practices and allowed me to heal via different, albeit complementary approaches. Each step along the way, through Reiki 1, 2 and Master, I have gathered and benefited enormously. I am glad to share my experience and invite others to do so, with curiosity and playful intrigue. Like our inner child, it beams from the heart, with considerate and conscious intention.

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