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All posts published here are presented as casual conversation pieces to provoke thought in some direction or another, they do not necessarily represent fixed opinions of the Inner Council, as our work exists beyond the spectrum of bound statement and singular clause.

Intuitive Healing Practices

When the body is in a safe environment and full attention is given introspectively, the body settles into integration—mentally and energetically. What can be accessed in this conscious state are implied ideas of the actions or tools that pave the way of healing. We gradually interface with our subconscious which holds our surface traumas and suggestions of knowledge that take us to the root of our symptoms. From there we follow the journey of healing and address those aspects which arise, through this journey we can integrate the aspects of illness and disease that will then allow us to flow into the inner collective wisdom: Human problem solving and the keys to unlocking our true potential and collective self-realisation. This journey is not an easy one, however, it’s authentic and persons who are on this journey rarely wish to retreat to their previous states of suffering. While this may sound simple, it is through these simplicities that we honour our journey.

We have taken great care around practitioners and sacred plant medicines to learn the frameworks that are required in intense sessions of healing and guided many people through the integration process. This act of listening, sharing and giving tools has proved the claims made above. Our guidance is based on experience and evidence of positive change in the lives of those that we’ve been fortunate to guide along this journey. Each interaction is mutual and uncovers healing aspects in both the participant and the practitioner. In this case, we offer our wisdom with respect, humility and a high value.

The soul is bulletproof. The spirit can get sick because the past has not been integrated, understood, resolved. Once you understand the underlying mechanics of approach and the ceremony of resolution you have the tools to use over and again.

Energy & intuition

Alchemic practices have never left us, but the definition has been pulled around to obscure the simplicity of shifts in consciousness interpretation and adaptation of awareness. Understanding the adaptive art of ‘attitude shifting’ gives us a greater dynamic within the inner ecosystem. Alchemy is principally bringing consideration to awareness then modulating the approach—if necessary alongside physical actions. Consider being trained through childhood to respond in kind to the needs of the environment instead of being in the presence of adults who lacked the basic grounding questions about our reality. What is of great importance to us, is that even though we passed through both the primary developmental stage (0-7) and the stages of influence and training (7-14), without these basic wisdoms, we can—if willing—regenerate these skills at any stage in life with a set of tools designed for the tasks at hand. These are the areas that we visit during mentoring and integration sessions.

All energy workers begin at this distinct point, developing an intuitive sensitivity with both their mind and body in order to open up a dialogue that calls them into service. There are many practices which appear to focus much on specifics and/or historic lineage more than the fundamental perennial approach that sits at the heart of them all. Trained with imagination, self belief and faith the mind becomes fluid. Within this fluidity is a moldable reality in which we can adapt and alter—if we’ve understood the natural laws of approach. We must remember that as academic science holds onto dogmas and shifts its understanding based on research focus, the body and the mind are always subject to the natural law of conscious systems which often inverse the fundamental inanimate assertion of soulless entropy. For in a conscious system, the second law of thermodynamics is reversed. – Are you coming with us?

Who is wrong with you?

With intuitive healing we can consider that every area of healing reveals a fragmented part or personality of an aspect of ourselves that was knocked offline at some point during our developmental stages in the first 7 years of our life. Integration involves bringing these individuated parts back into unity with the whole. Although this may sound abstract, there is an entirely pragmatic approach which incorporates the same aspects of relationship building that we understand in the Inner Child Workshop and ongoing Inner Child work.

Intuitive healing Inner Child work

I see you! As you peer across the abyss at the lost soul standing on the other side, what attitude will be suitable for the job at hand? Humans naturally empathise anthropomorphically, we cannot do otherwise. So who is that over there and what do they need? Hey buddy, I see you, I can feel you, how about a helping hand. Too scared? Well I love you, and understand your pain, I too know what it’s like to have stood where you are standing right now. We can play thought tennis for a while, considering the conversation that would better convince us if the roles were reversed. I love you (pain in the back), I see you (skin rash), let’s get to know each other (swollen gland, bladder infection). Once we master the art of meeting the wounded on the spiritual battlefield, we move into a much bigger space for alchemic imagination and all that comes with greater spiritual maturity and mastery of our own domain within.

Inner mastery comes with learning to communicate in spirit, with intuition. For this to work we have to balance thoughts with feelings. Imagine that the heart is a battery, the positive charge is coming from your mental processes, the negative charge is coming from sensation—the feeling part. Together this information gives the heart a clear picture of the situation and can respond correctly. In our mentoring sessions we give simple meditations and breathing exercises to bring participants into heart awareness and the thinking and feeling polarities into balance and harmony.

Once we attain greater awareness, we learn to work with spirit. Intuition communicates through gesture, or responds with persuasion more than through demands or assertions. Spirit meets us on a bridge of mutuality where all communication is founded in common courtesy and respect. Here emotional and spiritual maturity become necessary in order to attain the correct attitude to self and the approach. Spiritual wisdom is rarely discussed in society or in therapy, but intuitive practices require this conscientious part in order to begin the conversation towards resolution. Does your subconscious trust your conscious mind? If not, why? What can we do in order to improve this relationship? This is the purification process that is discussed in all mystic spiritual practices. If we are committed and willing, we will be met likewise on those terms and the better the student we become. From this stage onward, the spiritual developmental process is cyclical where we can call out for promotion, recognise the challenge in the lesson presented, evaluate and modify our attitude and then receive the reward. This is the method of arcane education. There is an empty desk, the teacher is present, what do you need?

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