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All posts published here are presented as casual conversation pieces to provoke thought in some direction or another, they do not necessarily represent fixed opinions of the Inner Council, as our work exists beyond the spectrum of bound statement and singular clause.

Intuitive Healing Practices

When the body is in a safe environment and full attention is given introspectively, the body settles into integration—mentally and energetically. What can be accessed in this conscious state are implied ideas of the actions or tools that pave the way of healing. We gradually interface with our subconscious which holds our surface traumas and suggestions of knowledge that take us to the root of our symptoms. From there we follow the journey of healing and address those aspects which arise, through this journey we can integrate the aspects of illness and disease that will then allow us to flow into the inner collective wisdom: Human problem solving and the keys to unlocking our true potential and collective self-realisation. This journey is not an easy one, however, it’s authentic and persons who are on this journey rarely wish to retreat to their previous states of suffering. While this may sound simple, it is through these simplicities that we honour our journey.

We have taken great care around practitioners and sacred plant medicines to learn the frameworks that are required in intense sessions of healing and guided many people through the integration process. This act of listening, sharing and giving tools has proved the claims made above. Our guidance is based on experience and evidence of positive change in the lives of those that we’ve been fortunate to guide along this journey. Each interaction is mutual and uncovers healing aspects in both the participant and the practitioner. In this case, we offer our wisdom with respect, humility and a high value.

The soul is bulletproof. The spirit can get sick because the past has not been integrated, understood, resolved. Once you understand the underlying mechanics of approach and the ceremony of resolution you have the tools to use over and again.

Energy & intuition

Alchemic practices are making a come-back. Channelling and divination are now common offerings of many online services and it is into these realms that we have to place our consideration in order to unlock the gifts that are waiting for us. Alchemy is principally bringing consideration and awareness alongside physical actions. Consider those who greet and talk to their pot-plants. Imagine sipping water with the mind placed on the quenching of our individual cells which make up our whole being. This is exactly where we are asking you to visit during these sessions and we will build on this basic wisdom in order for you to enter the world of a Reiki healer. With the subtleties of the mind at the ready.

All energy workers began at this distinct point, and developed an intuitive sensitivity with both their mind and body in order to open up a dialogue that called them into service. Usui became a lineage in one particular practice, but was also a meditator and spiritualist of significant proportions. It is difficult to describe the preceding experiences and characteristics of one who becomes known through healing practices and that is why the high-gurus of the East teach us to follow our own path towards liberation. In our practices we focus less on the heroes and lineage and more on the contemporary advantages of the practice. Here we can assure you of a tangible and structured understanding so that you may be able to take the role of healer into your own hands and develop these practices through your personal insight and experience.

Reiki as energy healing

Reiki is an applied attention towards energetic placement within the physical realm and we seek here to bring authentic tradition out of the cupboard and reap the advantages of its systems. When the body is in pain, we naturally bring the mind to the point in question, this is nature allowing the focus to be directed to where we require additional awareness in our healing process. This is the same for all living beings that have a complex nervous system. Humans however, can direct this awareness without pain being the initiatory action.

Reiki is but one of the healing tools that we have incorporated into the Inner Council as we believe that the conditions that allow the process to unfold also contribute to the healing journey as a whole. In all of our modalities, there is a contributing force that adds to the integrity of the journey towards wholeness and understanding.

Pain is an energetic frequency which cannot be integrated on a biological level, it is uncomfortable for that reason. However, with this basic understanding we can respond orderly to the situation and release some of the resistance causing the discomfort. During long meditation retreats one can gain an insight of this interaction and begin to develop a more positive relationship with the feedback systems of the body and integrate the more gross aspects of healing. This is a good place to begin our journey into the progressive aspects of one’s healing and the understanding that is imperative in order to transcend the most uncomfortable parts of the journey in which you are about to embark.

When we lend our attention to any aspect of the physical world we embrace a new relationship, we bring into being a consideration of the object. Subjectively we reach out to a new friendship with the other and open the door to unspoken conversation. With this in mind, we can now discuss the idea that Reiki practices have given to us.

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