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All posts published here are presented as casual conversation pieces to provoke thought in some direction or another, they do not necessarily represent fixed opinions of the Inner Council, as our work exists beyond the spectrum of bound statement and singular clause.

Inner Child Awakening

During the Inner Council Inner Child workshop we gently awaken our Inner Child. The Inner Child here is us in our absolute truest sense, it was the part of us that was there when we were born, and if you ask your Inner Child—they may tell you how they are the eternal aspect of yourself. In fact, they may tell you a few things that you might not think that you already know.

Let me tell you a secret. You know everything. You have access to every detail of the universe.

But, you don’t yet know that you know. It’s a game, and this game requires you to be creative in order to show yourself what you already know and to realise it all again in your current human form. All that is standing in your way of accessing this Everything is your own doubt and a lack of courage. There is a psychological mutation that can be engaged, a spiritual metamorphosis. A sudden illumination of a different segment of reality where the radiance of perception shines upon something new.

Are you a person who has self-authority? Do you think that ‘clever’ people—out there—know more than you? Maybe those people have a better brain, or had a better education than you? They studied and became special, that’s it! But is it? What if I told you that nobody has access to any information that you don’t, and you don’t need a library to access it, or have to play academia. Who—for example—knows the best about you? What about your health? Or what is best for you to eat day-to-day?

If you like to play the game where you give power over to other people in order to convince you of what you already know, then that’s fine. We all do it—but how much do you give over? I’ll make a guess that it’s comparable with the level of responsibility that you feel you can manage for yourself?

Here’s a story. Marie-Louise Von Franz, a famous Jungian psychologist visited a very renowned palm reader, who had a few books published on the subject. The astute palm reader very carefully made ink prints of Marie-Louise’s hands and sat down to begin the delicate work of tracing the intricate lines along both of her hand prints. He gave her an insightful reading, with some very accurate details. Impressed, she thanked the palm reader for his sincere advice. Then—before she left—she plucked up the courage to ask the palm reader a question. She asked: Do you really need the palm prints to know what you know about me? He smiled. Actually, to be perfectly frank with you. No I don’t. But would you believe me if I didn’t read your palms?

Jean Gebser, German poet, linguist and philosopher said that “we become aware of such presumably invisible processes only when they have reached sufficient strength to manifest themselves on the basis of their cumulative momentum. The apparent continuity is no more than a sequence subsequently superimposed onto overlapping events to lend them the reassuring appearance of logically determinate progressions.”

We go through life surrounded by intricate forms which could all provide the symbolic divination that could reveal aspects of ourselves, past & future, but we spend most time ignoring them. Then we might find a certain excitement in a hobby reading the stars or playing with cards, ruins or coins. But I can assure you that the same can be accessed introspectively if you learn how to play the game. So, how many people do you want to be part of your healing journey?

When the Inner Child wakes up, you have the truth that resides inside in one concentrated form. It’s innocent, perfectly delicate, outrageously vulnerable, but at the same time absolutely untouchable with crystalline perfection. The Inner Child is your connection to the divine and all that it holds. She’s sitting on the door-step of the first house that you remember living in, waiting for you to come and play. Waiting to play the game that she’s the young and innocent child that you once were. Knowing that she is the key to your healing and self-realisation. Knowing that she is the absolute liberation that you’ve heard about. The ALL you need that you already have. Peacefully waiting in eternity to be woken up – by YOU.

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