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Inner Child Awakening

By July 6, 2021No Comments

Inner Child Awakening

The wounded inner child is a detached part of our unconscious which is representing the terms on which we developed through our primary developmental stages in childhood. When a child’s needs are not met, psychological wounds develop and where we look to satisfy these emotional needs we may develop non-serving behaviours in which to find these emotional needs. During the early stages of Inner Child work we identify these wounds by reviewing the attitude and response of our Inner Child. Inner Child work sets out to understand and integrate the past experiences that left us feeling emotionally detached and we begin to change the terms in which we relate ourselves to the world around us and give a sense of empowerment back to ourselves and an environment where the Inner Child feels safe and loved, bringing back inner creativity and sense of fun.

When we awaken the Inner Child we open a deep trust relationship with the subjective spirit that is waiting to guide us through our developmental programming to resolve trauma and heal. We have within us a nurturing energy that can release the bonds of suffering and behavioural patterns that are preventing us from recognising our true identity within.

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