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All posts published here are presented as casual conversation pieces to provoke thought in some direction or another, they do not necessarily represent fixed opinions of the Inner Council, as our work exists beyond the spectrum of bound statement and singular clause.

Cleaning Energy with your Inner Child

A significant part of The Inner Council’s Inner Child work involves the perception of energy. As we begin to develop a relationship with the receptivity of the heart, we use the power of intention as a catalyst to shift energy. Once this imaginative gesture begins to incite clear changes, we begin to better sense the energy that we are directing with our attention and the ambiguity in the description of what we are doing shifts into a new phase. During shamanic guided meditations the descriptions come fast, they are immediate, and so a lot can be done in a relatively short regression.

After we are born we spend around 2 years with our brain frequency at between 0.5 to 4 cycles per second. This is described as Delta waves. After 2 years of age there is a shift to between 4 and 8 cycles a second which we call Theta waves. Between 5-8 years a child then moves into a more rapid Alpha frequency of around 8 to 13 cycles. During these phases the perspective of the child is being experienced in a slightly different manner. Explained in different ways by different theorists, the most simplest is to split these 3 developmental stages into Archaic, Magical & Mythic. Defined by German poet, linguist and psychologist Jean Gebser. However, these stages are very closely mirrored by the alternative suggestions and brought together by Ken Wilber in his Integral Theory.

What this means is that children between 2 and 5-6 years of age are in a hypnotic state of susceptibility similar to that of psychedelic experiences or light-dreamlike sleep in adults. Hyper-receptive to the energy in our environment we are sponges to instruction and demonstration of our peers. After the age of 7-8 our brain’s wave energy increases bringing us into a more astute, perspective focus.

In order to understand and integrate unresolved energies as a child, we have to develop a relationship with tools that allow us to integrate or sever relational energies. The best way to approach this is to understand these energies as subject-object contracts. There will always be you, your will, your circumstance and ‘the other’ with which you had an interface with. Be that another person, an aspect of cultural conditioning or an archetypal conflict within.

Once we can identify the characters in the situation we can then impose our tools in order to achieve the required results. To begin with, our tool-kit is a small one. We will practice the methods given in the workshop over and over, even revisiting the same situations more than once. Then our Inner Child shall begin to introduce new methods, or a practitioner may suggest you to introduce one or two techniques. Later on, archetypal friends can bring in their own tools.

Daily energy cleaning

There are many articles on the typical shamanic practices that can be used for maintaining yourself in clean energy, a vital element of maintaining focus in the spiritual work that you are carrying out. We recommend you to identify the best ways for you to create the perfect environment in your home and elsewhere, but also to ask the Inner Child what you think that you should do, or to suggest some of the most common techniques of smudging with sage or incense. Be very careful with crystals, which we often jump towards because of their beauty. We have observed on several occasions that the spirits in deep medicine work have discarded the stones that are not to be worked with by the participant. We have seen some very intriguing attention being given to clear quartz and amethyst crystal clusters. Again, you can ask your Inner Child if you are in doubt, or your practitioner.

Cord Clearing / Cutting

Cord clearing, cleaning or cutting is a shamanic technique that is carried out in order to release an energetic contract or psychic/synaptic pattern that we have held with another. When we find ourselves thinking about something related to somebody that we have been engaged with on an emotional level frequently then this is often an indication that we are holding this energetic contract.

Reasons why we may need to detach from these contracts is where we are aware that there is a manipulation, a distraction in our mental patterns or where it is clear that there is an unhealthy or unwanted residue of a non serving relationship.

In some shamanic customs this practice is carried out within a ceremonial or detached state where intention can be fixed upon. After setting the conditions may want to connect to prayer or intention as you have previously in your meditations or in preparations for receiving or giving into the subjective. There is usually an element of physical cutting, carried out by using your hand or a stick, knife or other instrument in which you feel has charged energy that you use regularly. Otherwise you can carry out this practice with your arm and your Inner Child can copy your gestures with a more elaborate tool for severing the energetic connection.

Cord clearing can be recommended for those who are:

  • Feeling trapped in an emotionally abusive or non-mutual relationship
  • Feeling claustrophobic in a current situation where there seems to be no way out
  • Holding a deep resentment towards a family member
  • Feel that you cannot stop thinking about someone even though you have no physical contact
  • Haunted by a previous situation in your life where you blame yourself for outcomes

Speak to your practitioner if you think that any of these conditions may be the cause of your blockage or if you have been shown repeatedly by your Inner Child that you are associated with one of these circumstances.