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Understanding and Eliminating Guilt

By March 27, 2021June 21st, 2021No Comments

Understanding and Eliminating Guilt

There is one pervading energy in the universe, it is consciousness.

Consciousness divides.

Guilt is an energetic emotion that laces through generations and cortorises our expressive functions that are required for full life and creativity. As such, guilt can be weaponised and can prove devastating on the effects of our soul. Usually we think of behavioural conditioning and triggers as episodal, only re-occurring when primary circumstances have resurfaced, but the fate of guilt can compromise our sense of safety on a permanent basis. We may wake each morning feeling that today we need to stay away from activities that may warrant judgement, lest that judgement be negative evaluation.

The reason why our sense of safety is so important can come from understanding cell-biology. There are two external behaviours observed overall in a single biological cell, it can attract towards or repel against, but not both at the same time. As such, we can be in retracted survival mode, or we can express ourselves outwardly with confidence. The perception that we carry of our environment, our belief of what’s out there, will determine the level that we can live healthy.

See Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers: The Acclaimed Guide to Stress, Stress-Related Diseases, and Coping by Robert M Sapolsky. Along with any of his other books.

As part of Inner Council therapy we side-step our behavioural system to observe from an objective viewpoint what is happening and where the programming originated. With this knowledge we can neutralise the conditioning and recognise the impact that guilt played within our lives.

Inside all of us is a wounded child waiting for us to show up for them, to reconnect and support them in getting their needs met. As a parent would for their child.

How the Inner Child shows up in our lives

The Inner Child is real; she holds the key to healing trauma, releasing pain, suffering, emotions, behavioural patterns that, even though many are unconscious, we witness them repeatedly playing out in our life. The Inner Child acts out, plays up when she is out of balance and harmony, needing her needs met, which show up in our lives as emotional reactions and behavioural responses that come from a place of wounding, rather than empowered choice.
What does this look like?

By forming a relationship, together, you can both be liberated from these elements that no longer serve you in your life. Self awareness reveals the depth to which we are able to identify and recognise our responses and reactions.

The inner child is also quite the chameleon. An expert in disguise, hiding and holding onto emotional pain and trauma and learned behaviours. Of course! How else was she able to survive?

The biggest gift we can give ourselves is self empowerment; to heal the wounds of our inner child, through conscious reparenting.

Now we know that our inner child is there, waiting for us to connect and provide her with what she needs, the rest will unfold and flow. It does require action on your part; an open, willing heart and trust that you are the best person to take care of her.

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