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All posts published here are presented as casual conversation pieces to provoke thought in some direction or another, they do not necessarily represent fixed opinions of the Inner Council, as our work exists beyond the spectrum of bound statement and singular clause.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient healing modality that originated in Japan and subsequently introduced into Western spiritual practices. The word ‘Reiki’ translates to ‘Universal Life Force’; the energy that makes up universal consciousness. It is the constant flow of energy that moves in, through and around us. The basic premise of Reiki as a healing modality is to tap into and channel universal life force in the form of energy transference to relieve tension, blocks and areas of low energy flow, restoring the natural flow of energy to the body and reestablishing equilibrium.

As part of a holistic healing practice, Reiki considers all aspects of our being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When one, or multiple parts of us become imbalanced we experience dis-ease. This then manifests in our energy fields, physical and energetic bodies as blocks, irritation, discomfort, pain and suffering. Reiki empowers individuals to become a participant in their own healing. Giving Reiki, or receiving Reiki benefits both parties as connecting with life force invites healing for all. Whilst Reiki is a supportive healing tool, it is compatible with those receiving medical intervention and medication too.

The essence of Reiki, channeling universal life force, invites energy to be directed where it’s needed to bring us back into balance.

How does Reiki relate to the Inner Child?

Reiki is a practice akin to inner child work. Tapping into the sensory, subjective realm of trusting intuition, it is a practice to embrace with focused intention; stepping aside from the mind and into the body. Creating a quiet, meditative space, requiring an openness and surrender to what is, intention is key. Free from expectations and attachments to outcome, Reiki requests an uninterrupted concentration for energy to flow freely. With an invitation of love, light and purity to enter the space, Reiki is accessible to all, including our internal world and inner child.

There are indeed parallels to inner child work; requiring an open mind and heart, in order for a trust relationship to build. The ways in which Reiki can be experienced is multispectrum; through colours, sound, images and touch. A natural curiosity and desire to assist us in our healing process, our inner child can be both a recipient and participant with Reiki. Inviting our inner child into our healing space to witness and receive, our personal practice can be further developed. The Inner Child’s capacity and receptivity to energy work is pure in intent and opens opportunities in which they can flourish, heal, support and grow.

Sharing Reiki with your inner child invites a deepening of relationship as they are included in the practice, aware and present, nurturing the bond of trust too. Supporting the practice of self love, care, compassion and gratitude, Reiki and inner child work share underpinning values.

Reiki for the Inner Child

By becoming a practitioner of Reiki you can connect with your inner child and pass Reiki to them, offering healing on an energetic level. This can include the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Listening, responding, focused attention and intention are foundational elements of both practices. Connecting to your inner child you are intuitively led with what their needs are. Receiving Reiki from the parent self allows the Inner Child to receive healing, with love from a place of pure intention to trust they will receive what is needed.

The Inner Child feels and is attuned to our internal world very deeply. The experience of receiving Reiki compliments inner child healing as they experience first hand your love, attention and affection for them. Boosting self worth and self esteem, any doubts the Inner Child harbours around the parents’ commitment is lessened considerably. The invocation of becoming a channel for universal life force cultivates a humbleness in the dedication to personal healing that can be consciously and continually nurtured, together with your inner child.

Building Reiki into your personal practice, the Inner Child begins to integrate a natural ability for healing that is part of their nature. They may soon wish to return the gesture, appearing in your dreams, meditations or other healing based modalities to assist you in your work and to offer healing to you. This is both fascinating and endearing. The Inner Child can heal aspects of yourself you may be unaware of, supporting the inner community’s desire for wholeness and harmony.

The benefits of Reiki for the Inner Child

Reiki, like inner child work, strengthens self trust, encourages and supports deeper layers of introspection and intuition, as well as empowerment through self cultivating practices that results in healing through complementary approaches.

In support of the innocent, light, playful nature the balanced inner child embodies, Reiki beams from the heart, with a considerate and conscious intention to love and heal. This benefits the mind, body and soul on all levels; energetically, physically, mentally and spiritually. Reiki improves connection to the self, heart and intuition, building on a supportive internal landscape for your inner child to inhabit. Bringing alive the magic of healing through intentional focus in the energetic and subjective realm, the Inner Child actively assists and participates in one’s own healing.

With consent and willingness of your inner child to embrace and participate in the role of the receiver of healing and the healer, increasing one’s own vibration through a raising of self trust, worth and love.

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