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All posts published here are presented as casual conversation pieces to provoke thought in some direction or another, they do not necessarily represent fixed opinions of the Inner Council, as our work exists beyond the spectrum of bound statement and singular clause.

Inner Child for relationship therapy

The Inner Council Inner Child work can open a fresh beginning for a couple, married or not, who have recognised that their relationship is no longer serving them but they know that their future is to remain side-by-side. In this case, our Inner Child work provides a platform where both partners can take on the commitment to identify and resolve emotional triggers within them and to share any aspects of their progress with each other. When we consider our partner to be in their pure essence and understand that any behaviours or emotional patterns come simply from our history and can be understood and resolved, then we learn how to be soft with ourselves. From this attitude we can not only find resolution in the behaviours that we didn’t like about ourselves, but an extended patience to our partner who is enduring to identify resolution within their own emotional responses.

Psychoanalysts have found that the major obstacle in tackling contradictions in couples’ individual expectations and ideals is a lack of creativity when it comes to forming the space where change can emerge. “Many couples struggle to relate in a creative way in which their relationship is potentially a resource to them, emotionally, cognitively, and physically” therefore, a lack of interaction and curiosity can have great implications on the couple’s relationship.

Inner Child work inserts this creative and novel aspect that is required for both partners to entertain the space where change can manifest. The fragility and importance of the individual’s Inner Child can also be empathetically considered and this is where couples begin to support each other during the ongoing development of the trust relationship of themselves.

The Inner Child approach considers that the challenging emotions which are felt towards our partner were first initiated from within our childhood emotional programming and can be understood at their origin and modified through a trust relationship with the Inner Child. The primary developmental needs of children follow us into our adulthood and are established in the relationships that we form. This can be seen in relationships where your rational mind has determined that the relationship cannot continue, but where you feel at a loss of control and are hoping for the best outcome. Where relationships are trapped by dependencies, there may be no room to breathe in order to renegotiate your energetic contracts.

Inner Child work allows us to reestablish a confident sense of self, to identify our earliest dreams and step out into the world with fresh eyes to establish a new lifestyle that healthy serves our deepest needs.

If you think that an ongoing personal therapy with your Inner Child is the next step for you and your partner, please contact us for a suitable practitioner who can arrange a free online session to discuss your current circumstances and guide you in the right direction.

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