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All posts published here are presented as casual conversation pieces to provoke thought in some direction or another, they do not necessarily represent fixed opinions of the Inner Council, as our work exists beyond the spectrum of bound statement and singular clause.

Alien archetypes

By using the term archetype, we are here discussing the symbolic unconscious aspects of energy manifestations. What does this mean? It means that there are potentials that are being energetically charged, significant enough to cause shifts in our culture. It also means that we are not always speaking in literal terms, we are speaking in broad subjective memes that don’t need to be validated or otherwise in order to portray the picture in discussion.

Occasionally creative expression is de-platformed in society.

Often this happens as structured control steps-in to sensor ideas, attempting to better define the edges of the medium—often, but not necessarily for commercial opportunity. When a platform is severed, novelty itself turns drastically into the obscure and counteracts with a corresponding motive, a protest of abstract forms and motifs that lure the subconscious to tend awareness towards its very foundations. Sometimes, this is where a legend is born.

When this does happen, society is given a reflective opportunity to reconsider and reform the nature of its roots through subversive metaphors and meanings. These metaphors are not meant to surface, but to remain in the sub-currents of collective consciousness influencing creativity and artistic movements towards symbolic narratives that plant meaning and direction back into the core of the societal mechanism. This metaphoric string or thread is a different framework from academic string theory, however, there are undertones that overlap. At times when the subconscious fractal turns in on itself to self-reflect, it is seeking the foundational simplicity to root and ground again. This indeed can be considered a return to the single dimension for pause and re-calibration. This is the metaphoric framework that I would like to consider when taking you on this journey to the heart of the crop-circle movement.

Back in the mid 90’s I had the experience of regularly visiting the areas that can be considered as the head-quarters of the primary crop-circle activity in England. A subversive hype had beckoned individuals, themselves responding to the sentiment of alternative theory—scientists and documentary makers followed alongside. I looked on objectively, as a passive skeptic if you like, unable to allow myself into the trusted irrationality of subjective faith and serious conversation on the matter.

Subconscious counter culture

In the preceding years higher education in the UK was becoming a mainstream consciousness avenue, when universities and polytechnics had merged, super-structured and cleanly objectified. Here in the most spiritually active corner of England a small group of society subconsciously recoiled—the lure severed—from the sterile educational platforms, and regressed to the safety of the fringe. Peering out from scruffy hedgerows, deep in brambles, detached and isolated, these creative mediums boded in isolated whirlpools, churning, murky and obscure. Grasping deep into novelty, one of these obscurities found expression, belched and then disappeared into the night.

Subconscious gestures motivated intuitive individuals, connected to spirit, into a group mindedness for the maturation of organisation and action. Mathematics and mechanics lent its aid in scribbled blueprints and the innovation of tools of the trade, often very simplistic in design. The novel platform of motifs, the crop fields ripe with wheat did the rest. These artists, acting as agents of sub-current were not to be identified, although it was possible to find them by exploring conversation in the local areas. Occasionally these artists were found discussing the subject in general terms but never exposing themselves. If private conversation did reveal the artist then there would be a necessary sprinkling of mystery in order to shift the phenomenological aspects out of rational reach and back under the surface.

Once the creative subconscious has completed its protest the operation must disperse and space must be made for those who’s position now is to interpret the significance and meaning within these motifs. As it can be expected from the narrative of a cultist society, stigma around such interests had narrowed the observing party into a tiny minority. Those capable of touching the veil of spirit and deciphering the hieroglyph. Common conversation was around the obscurely divine, the agents of other worlds had arrived to give us a message that was to be considered. This message was received and it was integrated back into society, regardless of the form or intention of those involved. The conscious discussion on the outside was simply another level of interpretation. This open conversation served as a closed forum for those with similar interests to come together and enthuse the group with speculation, essentially where did the aliens come from and what was their message.

The crop circle groups continued to gather through the summer months in the years after and there was still a residue of interpretation as the most popular myths had become embedded in the local lore and both documentaries and books helped to frame the significance of the episode with richly provocative mystery which resonated with those who were looking for answers to their own creative blocks and platforms of artistic expression.

The UFO Archetype

Crop circle movement in UK during the 1990s.

Carl Jung, when discussing the UFO archetype commented that “When an assertion of this kind is corroborated practically everywhere, we are driven to assume that a corresponding motive must be present everywhere, too. Though visionary rumours may be caused or accompanied by all manner of outward circumstances, they are based essentially on an omnipresent emotional foundation, in this case a psychological situation common to all mankind. The basis for this kind of rumour is an emotional tension having its cause in a situation of collective distress or danger, or in a vital psychic need.“

There is no coincidence that the fractal counter-cultural movement of crop-circles emanated from the roots of the social fabric, literally growing out of the annual harvest as a symbolic reflection of sustenance. A spirit somewhere was de-platformed and deeply malnourished. This is exactly the time of year in which Mircea Eliade explains that archaic societies renewed their annual cycle by reconsidering the roots of the eternal return, calibrating and regressing to safety, banishing all the negative spirits that had crept in during the year. They would then turn to the fertility of the land and dedicate their energy to prosperity and abundance for the new year, often sprinkling their sexual energy into the fields through celebration. They were bound to the land, to the spirits and the collective responsibility that guided their destiny.

UFOs do not need to be physical objects in order to complete the task of creative reformation, they simply need to provoke awareness towards the realm of possibility in order to be effective in the same way that a metaphorical dragon is slain in order to propagate a dying civilization into a new song. In a world where the controlling influence, lodged in the material, is persisting that the subconscious is not a valid platform and continues to replicate the rich motifs of awe into plastic substitutes—we need to protect our symbolic myths. The consequences of these subjective tools being hacked in a Hollywood basement carry paramount significance. Is this possibly why the subjective is allowing the conscious a higher understanding, allowing us to penetrate deeper than normal, understanding the blueprints of our precious realm and the deep mechanics of the reality that we crafted to entertain and serve our highest dreams? In a secular society do angels become robots, do flying chariots become UFOs, and more seriously, does the numinous become more real?

Carl Jung said that when society is in an unpredictably insecure place, “when people are beginning to see that everything is at stake, the projection-creating fantasy soars beyond the realm of earthly organizations and powers into the heavens, into interstellar space, where the rulers of human fate, the gods, once had their abode in the planets”.


Between 1988 and 1994 higher education participation in the UK more than doubled from 15% to 33%. Funding became linked to their performance and efficiency, and by the mid-1990s funding per student had dropped by 40% since the mid-1970s, while numbers of full-time students had reached around 2,000,000 (around a third of the age group), up from around 1,300,000.

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