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Regression Therapy Sessions

Regression Therapy Package

The Inner Council offers a set of regression therapy sessions which allow participants a deep-dive into areas awaiting integration. The initial sessions covers background and allows the participant to share any blockages or resistances that have been present in their lives. The practitioner will ask a series of intuitive questions that will home-in on a specific area of focus and intent. The practitioner will then suggest preparation steps before we begin the regressions.

Following regression sessions the practitioner will guide the participant through an interpretation, allowing the next steps to be understood and how to prepare for the following regression to best identify the emotional energy at source and/or remove this energy.

Regression Therapy packages include 3 sessions (45 mins to 1 hour) and can be extended to more individual regression sessions if required.

1st session: Introduction and background review, identify area of focus.

2nd session: Initial regression and follow-up integration

3rd session: Second regression and follow-up integration

What is regression therapy?

Regression therapy is a technique where we gently and safely explore a memory or an episode of our past experience in order to resolve energetic traumas and integrate the present effects of these experiences. The session is carried out through a guided meditation in which the practitioner will guide you intuitively towards the episodes that are currently making themselves available for integration. During these sessions we often begin to understand an aspect of the circumstances that was unavailable to us before, allowing us to energetically realize the situation without the same resistance or fear that we previously held.

It is possible that a regression episode may involve a chain of simultaneous experiences which take us to the original imprint of energetic trauma. In these cases, more information is given as to the cause-and-effect circumstances of a situation that was previously unknown. These energetic releases allow the body to let go of dense energy patterns that can have consequences on our relationship with our body and behavioural patterns that have not been serving us.

Why would I want to do regression therapy?

We often find that our participants, while working on personal development, have encountered certain blockages or areas of work which appear to be inaccessible to them at present. These blockages are often best interpreted and contained for integration by someone who can set a safe container for the memories and traumas to be witnessed and resolved.

Regression therapy is also advised for those who are understanding a non-serving behavioural pattern or a significant emotional event where the participant has not been able to understand so far.

Prices & Booking

Regression Therapy package gb£195 / eu€230 / us$250*

Follow-up regression sessions gb£65 / eu€75 / us$82*


Using meditation as a general tool for self-introspection for many years, the inner child workshop added a useful and valuable technique towards my practice. Information was clearly provided and the guided meditation from the workshop is still serving me as an entrance for deep and direct communication with my inner child. By being able to create a space (inside of me) to connect, I can consciously resolve tension and support the healing process we started during the workshop.

David – Germany

My father struggled with alcoholism my entire life, so many of my childhood memories were tarnished with pain, confusion and dysfunction. I was very resistant to inner child work for quite some time due to the potential of re-living very painful life experiences. However, throughout my process of personal healing and growth, it became very present that healing and connecting with the inner child within was imperative to my overall well-being and health.

Stacie Barber – United States

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*These prices are a guide for practitioners, please contact your practitioner for their prices.