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The Rhinoceros' Foot

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Around the age of 8 our family inherited a set of encyclopedia, 24 volumes of the 1972 edition of Collier’s. Pre-internet these books were an incredible reference and became my second most beloved books after my gigantic Animal Kingdom book that my grandma had bought me the previous Christmas. I could often be found traipsing around these large editions, and if nobody had interjected I would have spent my class time learning through the A-Z of the world than with the planned curriculum for my school year.

There were 3 main topics of interest that attracted me, people, places and animals. Other than the 3 multipage transparent anatomies of the car engine, human anatomy and frog anatomy which were obvious highlights of the edition I was often in sections which appeared the most exotic and it was here that I first encountered Kathmandu, Timbuktu and Kuala Lumpur, the tribes of the Kalahari and more information on the Pangolin and the Axolotl. The books also helped me with my project plans to 4x4 around central africa, copying maps and tourist highlights directly from the pages.

Some time around the beginning of 2019 I was in a meditation with my Inner Child and on this occasion I felt a certain mischievousness which made me grin. Consequently I asked my Inner Child if there was something that he would like to know and he began to chuckle. He said to me ‘Do you know what a rhino’s foot looks like’? And I began to think. I had gotten very close to rhinos from the safe vantage of elephant-back in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park. I had seen rhinos in Zimbabwe and South Africa but where their feet should have been there was a complete blank. I had to admit to myself that I had no idea what a rhino’s foot looked like and was quite intrigued that my Inner Child had picked out this anomaly. I continued to subsequently place the feet of other animals in the place of the rhino's and further validate the fit, but I couldn’t be certain at all.

About a week had passed and on several occasions my Inner Child had been gloriously happy about my inability to place the correct appendage to the animal in question. Giving up I consulted the web and there I realised the anomaly. It was totally alien to anything that I had seen before on another animal. My Inner Child had truly found a gap in my A-Z of everything and had reached out to me with his own curiosity to further investigate on his behalf. 

It is wonderful to play with the Inner Child outside of one’s personal healing and be invited into a creative and enriching space of engagement where we’re both in off-duty explorer’s mode before the next great soul adventure. 

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