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Meeting my unborn sister

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Often as a young child I had a specific preference for cute and soft aesthetics, such as socks with frills on them, my ladybug and glow worm and a quantity of their glow friend babies who all lived in a glow turtle. As my brother clanked away on his Meccano sets, I sat knitting squares and collecting caterpillars in the garden. I had assumed for most of my life that some part of me had chosen the fancy clothes and the first toys that I owned, such as a beautiful doll's house with working light switches without once dwelling on a now seemingly obvious fact.

I sensed that my inner child had something to show me, something significant. So I settled down for meditation, took a few deep breaths to clear my mind and allowed my imagination the space to take me into intuitive narrative. I wandered through the forests into the clearing where my inner council house resided. A simple single floored wooden cabin which I had been avoiding for some time and sitting mostly alone outside. Instead of the usual fire pit setting, I walked to an area where there were two chairs, anticipating a meeting or a conversation. I looked around me at the trees as I felt my inner child approach to my left side. As I looked ahead a shape was moving forwards, obscured by bright sun rays. The character slowly became clearer through the rays of light and a familiarity arose within. Looking at me was a blonde girl around the age of 8 and she was smiling, with a calm and knowing look in her eyes. Did I know her? As I opened a suggestible space a warm energy flooded into my stomach and slowly the information came to me in waves of emotion. I saw sadness in my parent's eyes and the unspoken, unresolved pain that resonated often around family situations in my early life. I felt a deep, unresolved grief.

I never knew what was wrong with my parents. What had made them so unforgiving with one another. There was something that had ruined them, a despised shared secret which they reminded one another. The energy I felt in her cancer and in his alcoholism. An energy that made me feel sick in my stomach.

Through these deep and difficult sentiments shone rays of light from the angelic figure sat opposite. The light penetrated a higher energy in my chest like a laser of pure innocent essence and a strong knowing confidence which assured me all was perfect. I smiled with the thought that I had enjoyed the clothes and toys which had been chosen for her arrival.

I felt a radiance and a satisfaction from my close inner child. Reminding me that archetypal relationships in the subjective are mutual and we are all seeking towards the same goals, we may though, have differing stages of emotional maturity and we simply keep from ourselves that which isn't ready to be received and understood.

I don’t necessarily believe that the aspects of my personality which side more with the feminine can be totally attributed towards the desire of my parents to somehow honour the loss of their daughter through the way that I was initially raised, however, I have been given a window into the defining web of energies that can mold our primary sense of being at such an early age, and again into the blueprints which make this work so incredibly fascinating and potent.

These serene revelations of emotional integration are familiar in plant medicine work, but the preconditions are the same for inner child work. A safe environment and conscientious commitment to the deep intuitive. My inner child plays the medium and brings me the next clue or key to unfurl the dense energies which hold personal and ancestral traumas.

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