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Inner Child Dreams

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Dreams and their interpretations have been a large part of introspective review and we can use our dreams as a fun way to entice interaction with our Inner Children. We can ask a dream from our children or we can assume that a dream with a message will come through and ready ourselves to remember what our inner child wants to share with us.

One of Henk Meulendijks' inner child cards asks us to "Watch your dreams" and gives the following advice...

Your inner child has a message for you.

In the coming days, a message from your inner child may come through your dreams. Write down your dreams and see what messages they contain. Dreams are a way for the unconscious mind to express what is going on in your life, sometimes in a symbolic way.

See what messages your dreams contain, what emotions are attached, and what, if any, memories are triggered. Sometimes people appear in your dreams you know from this or past lives. Feel if you can find any meaning in the appearance of these people in your dreams.

Messages from your inner child might be about pain that is still there, from a past situation that needs your attention as a loving parent for your inner child. Ask your inner child about the situation and/or people you saw in your dreams and ask her for the meaning it has for her. When there is pain involved, hold her and help her to release all the energy that is still there. Allow her to cry or to be angry and create a safe space for her to express all the emotions she still has. Make sure she can feel there is nothing wrong with her, she is not to blame and she is loved unconditionally.

Remember that we can talk with our Inner Child any time, to see how they are feeling, if they need anything from us or simply to ask their advice about a decision that we need to make etc. So talk to your Inner Child and remember that he/she knows everything that you're thinking, nothing can be hidden or masked away.

Henk's beautiful Inner Child cards can be purchased very reasonably from here and we very much recommend them as a tool for getting the most out of your Inner Child work.

If you have received messages from your Inner Child in this way please feel free to share your experiences.