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Welcome to the Inner Council community forums. A place to engage with others who are working towards a mature trust relationship with the deep and luminous realms of the Inner Self. Integrating the past to fully enjoy the present moment. The forum is for sharing the creative methods you have developed with your Inner Child and learning from others. There are no rules, only to respect your own and other’s authenticity and to have fun.

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The Waterfall  

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The powerful rushing sounds of cascading water, purification of life and spiritual cleanliness and calling. This process is a reassuring sign of purity of heart and spiritual ripeness. You have received this encouragement from the deep unconscious as your process unfolds. Trust in yourself, be confident in your decisions and step forth with determination and an open heart. The Tibetan lamas define the dharma game as keeping your heart wide open whilst observing as much as you can around you, maintaining objectivity and equanimity. Be as conscientious as you can to the energy spaces around you, especially at home and pay special attention to your digestion and alter your diet if you feel any heaviness or bloating after meals.