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The raven and its flying formations  

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The Raven can signify a dramatic change in your life, but always is there as a transitional guide and protector and comes with messages that you will require to confidently navigate this great adjustment. Encouraging use of time, there is an emphasis here on action and doing, putting ideas into effect, utilising the tools that are shown to you. Most importantly listen to the messages that are coming your way, especially in synchronicities. This is a time of progress, even though you may not realise such during the transition. When you connect with the raven in your meditations and dreams, anticipate change and new perspectives. Be ready to delve into the realms of the unconscious and reaching for your true Be-ing. This can sometimes be a hard process, but it brings long-lasting healing in mind, body and soul. Flying formations are a symbol of unification and organisation, remember to reach out to your spirit guides and supporting spiritual friends around you during this time.