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Squarks and shrieks of parrots (Tropical Bird Calls)  

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There are three messages that we can understand from the company of these intelligent and gibbish jungle birds, the first is in their intellectual capacities, which require organisation and motivation, to home-in and identify the messages that come calling and then to visualise the application of the received apparition. This channelling, which requires a cleansed and purified energy alignment and a soft, intuitive relationship with the heart, can be mastered in a way that offers continuous guidance for yourself and for those around you. It is important to step forward with a confident determination (open your mouth and speak up) as you are not only doing this for your own motivations but from universal instructions and as the steps that present your ongoing spiritual life mission. If you feel like you may have lost sight of your dreams and those things that really inspire, the parrot is also a call to reconnect to your roots, to take the same strides you made when you were younger, but this time with the wisdom, abilities and the tools that you have and have been shown. The third message we take from our meeting with these animals is in receiving messages, we must remain intuitively receptive to incoming information to guide us. This may be in daily meditations, or through dreams, however they can also come from others. If a stranger looks in your direction and appears to have something to say, be patient and see what information comes. Be patient, observant, objective and allow time to reflect on the events of the day with a check in before you shut down for the evening.