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Apply for your Practitioner Certificate

Read more about our Inner Child Practitioner program here

The Inner Council provides psychoanalytical tools that allow participants to self-author their own healing development within a personal trust framework. Efficacy is based upon serious commitment towards the practices. Certification by the Inner Council is presented following recognition and articulation of authentic connections to these practices.

This certificate application is for all participants who have satisfied the requirements of The Inner Council: Inner Child Practitioners program with a recognised Inner Council practitioner. Upon completion of the program your practitioner will inform us of your entry and you are then free to register for the certification, allowing you to present the Inner Child workshop to those who come to you for your services. If you have any questions, please discuss them with your practitioner.

This certification also comes with the documents for delivering the workshop and understanding deeper about the aspects of developmental and depth psychology and a reading list that can help you to choose material that contributes towards your current skills and the ongoing requirements of providing support to others. The certificate includes the Inner Council – Declaration of Demonstration for Practitioner Certification which, along with the mentoring aspects covers the practitioner’s skill-set:

  • Participant evaluation & assessment
  • Holding space in a therapeutic environment
  • Explaining empathy and metaphor when guiding others
  • Managing trauma through trauma informed care
  • Understanding regression & guided meditation
  • Integrating others’ experiences into your own narrative
  • Archetypal theory & interpretation
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