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Creating and managing the meditative space  


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28/10/2020 1:05 am  

For some, meditation is a deeply personal aspect of themselves, others meditate in a disciplined fashion, others don't know if they are meditating or not and to some meditation is something that others do, not them. In truth we all introspect or contemplate. Meditation is sensing and understanding the value of these inner states.

A relaxed mind organises itself, it puts things together and works towards the integration of aspects of life and external relationships.

It's also where we go to be with, support and listen to our Inner Child.

A daily practice of introspection allows one to listen, allowing a platform in which subconscious or spiritual wisdom comes seemingly through the mist, entering the conscious mind. This introspective wisdom can come from a light meditative practice where environment and personal space are honoured, allowing the mind to relax into a state of attentive awareness aside the usual alert states of mental activity. This meditation can be performed anywhere you feel comfortable and for any duration, although longer periods may bring more insight. The goal here is to be receptive to incoming information in all the forms it may express itself.

Amy has given us 3 guided meditations to bring us into the meditative space, to feel comfortable and grounded in our introspection and to work towards a sense of value in a healthy meditation routine. You can listen to these meditations here...


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