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Can you share briefly a bit about your background experience or perceptions with inner child and anything about your journey and inner child practice before doing the course?

I did the 3 sessions of inner child workshop. I had prior experience with psychotherapy. I am under the impression that inner child can be very difficult to process, and to find a method that both suits me and is effective.

Can you share any intentions and goals you had from taking part in the workshop?

I wanted to heal from past pains and be a better human, to live a life truer to myself and on my own terms. I wanted to be conscious, to be self-aware and to live life intentionally.

How did the workshop serve in providing you with new tools and techniques to carry on your practice?

I think the writing practices are very useful. Some of the visualization work really opened the door for me to release some pent up emotions. I think it’s allowed me to access my emotions a little more readily and to know that they are okay. It’s safe to do so and my adult self can guide and allow that.

Can you share a little bit about your overall experience of the online workshop?

I enjoyed the regression and mediation sessions because I cried every time and get to know myself a little bit more. I didn’t expect it to be so effective because I couldn’t get much resources online. I like having a person to talk about life as well. I didn’t feel judged and is thankful about the patience within the practice.