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Over the past year my therapist had been gently introducing me to the idea of being kinder to myself and to think of a tiny vulnerable part of me that could hear me being self-criticising and unkind and suffering from it. It was never a “named” method and I never thought much about it, but now looking back I could see that it was somehow “planting the seeds”.

Then, earlier this year, when I came across the description of this workshop it truly resonated with me – it felt so right, and I was very excited to begin. I went into the workshop with an open mind and an open heart and one of the intentions that I set for myself was to trust the process (because it had come to me at the right time). And how right I was!

The workshop has provided me with an invaluable set of tools and techniques that help me to connect with my inner child, to return to being at one with my intuition, to hear and feel my heart louder and more clearly with every day that passes! It is a beautiful and powerful practice and I could not imagine doing it with anyone else but with Amy! She is an incredibly warm and welcoming person and we connected straight away.

During the workshop, Amy was able to readily offer me options and alternatives if something didn’t quite sit right with me straight away and that was very beneficial to me. The format and the content of the workshop flowed so naturally, and each session absolutely flew by.

If your heart has led you to the workshop, listen to it!