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Can you share briefly a bit about your background experience or perceptions with inner child and anything about your journey and inner child practice before doing the course?

My first glimpse of true healing of my childhood wounding started about 5 years ago when I found “Inner Relationship Focusing”, a modality that brings awareness to one’s own body, developed by Ann Weiser-Cornell based on Eugene Gendlin’s’ work on whole-body awareness called “Focusing”. The next big step for me occurred only a few months ago when I discovered Margaret Paul’s and Charles Whitfield’s work on “healing the child within” and “inner bonding”. Over several decades I did psychotherapy, mostly talk therapy. It helped a little bit but usually only for a short time, never bringing real and lasting relief and healing. Connecting to my inner child is without a doubt the doorway to the kind of profound healing that I was searching for.

Can you share any intentions and goals you had from taking part in the workshop?

My intention and goal are to live life with this newfound loving connection to my inner child. In that sense, the goal and the daily lived life are one and the same.

How did the workshop serve in providing you with new tools and techniques to carry on your practice?

This was my first healing the inner child workshop and it made me understand, with even more clarity, how meaningful this approach is for me. I’m very inspired to communicate with my inner child on a daily basis, verbally or through writing, really implementing the tools/techniques that this workshop has provided me with. It made me realize that this is a commitment! It requires effort and perseverance as well as patience and kindness towards my inner child.

Can you share a little bit about your overall experience of the online workshop?

I experienced the course as being powerful despite the fact of not meeting in person. Amy transformed our virtual meeting room into a safe, spacious, and amazingly warm space that enabled me to go deeper into my inner process. I was positively surprised by that. I think it would be very beneficial to have a moment of sitting quietly with oneself at the beginning or sometime during the class. Sensing inward, consciously connecting with the body. We live so much in our heads in these modern times and this moment of connecting with the body could help with experiencing sensations and feelings more directly.

How do feel the dynamic of a group contributed to your experience of the workshop?

I find the presence of other participants enriching. It creates a sense of “shared meaning” that is very helpful for me. Also, sharing my inner experience with other people makes it somehow more “real” gives it more gravity and therefore expedites the healing process. I would most definitely welcome an ongoing support group. That would be wonderful.