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Can you share briefly a bit about your background experience or perceptions with inner child and anything about your journey and inner child practice before doing the course?

I have worked with a lot of different modalities and have tried different forms of therapy in the past. Some of that implemented some form of visualization and inner child work (although I had never taken a workshop or therapy that was specifically geared towards inner child only). Also, at the last medicine retreat I attended, I really felt that I had gotten in touch with my inner child through the medicine and since then have wanted to explore the work a little more deeply.

Can you share any intentions and goals you had from taking part in the workshop?

I think it was to feel more of my heart and instincts. It’s easy for me to overthink things and wanted to get more in touch with my gut and my heart.

How did the workshop serve in providing you with new tools and techniques to carry on your practice?

I think the writing practices are very useful. Some of the visualization work really opened the door for me to release some pent up emotions. I think it’s allowed me to access my emotions a little more readily and to know that they are okay. It’s safe to do so and my adult self can guide and allow that.

Can you share a little bit about your overall experience of the online workshop?

I didn’t expect to unleash any emotions from the past. Also, I enjoyed the visualization work. Of course, it would be ideal to do these kinds of things in person but the online experience proved to be a lot more intimate and open than I expected. There’s lots of tools that I can continue to use in the future. Even in the downtime away from the workshop, the process continues to unfold.

How do feel the dynamic of a group contributed to your experience of the workshop?

It was nice to feel the connection and participation even though we were communicating via internet. I felt perfectly safe to open and share with the others.