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For me the inner child workshop with Amy was an entirely new experience, I had not had any particular background information or knowledge previous to the workshop. However, once or twice have heard briefly about the practice so I was aware that it exists.

Using meditation as a general tool for self-introspection for many years, the inner child workshop added a useful and valuable technique towards my practice. Information was clearly provided and the guided meditation from the workshop is still serving me as an entrance for deep and direct communication with my inner child. By being able to create a space (inside of me) to connect, I can consciously resolve tension and support the healing process we started during the workshop.

My overall experience was very positive and I feel gratitude towards the beautiful souls who shared the workshop space for the two days with me. Amy was a well prepared and competent facilitator and with her accepting, loving and calming attitude she guided us consciously through the different steps and practices. By giving and holding space for sharing and not just following a strict schedule, participants were able to connect with each other and share meaningful insights.

Also, by providing us with printed material and a take-away gift it was easier to take the experience out of the safe and protected workshop space into the at times busy daily life.

I can honestly and sincerely recommend this workshop to anyone open and interested in inner work and healing. It’s a simple and straightforward technique that everyone can learn but at the same time has a lot of power and potential. Just make sure Amy is your guide :).