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Tailored one-to-one sessions

All our practitioners offer individual sessions for those participants who have completed the Inner Child workshop. These sessions may be required for a number of reasons, from encouraging your Inner Child relationships to interpreting circumstances that are happening in your life. Your practitioner will be able to arrange a session and discuss the duration that may be appropriate.

Using meditation as a general tool for self-introspection for many years, the inner child workshop added a useful and valuable technique towards my practice. Information was clearly provided and the guided meditation from the workshop is still serving me as an entrance for deep and direct communication with my inner child. By being able to create a space (inside of me) to connect, I can consciously resolve tension and support the healing process we started during the workshop.

David – Germany

My father struggled with alcoholism my entire life, so many of my childhood memories were tarnished with pain, confusion and dysfunction. I was very resistant to inner child work for quite some time due to the potential of re-living very painful life experiences. However, throughout my process of personal healing and growth, it became very present that healing and connecting with the inner child within was imperative to my overall well-being and health.

Stacie Barber – United States

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*These prices are a guide for practitioners, please contact your practitioner for their prices.